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My rambling

Sunday, 21 December 2003

My competitive brothers
For those of you who are not familar with my family, I have 2 younger brothers, one 2 years younger and the other by 6. Every so often - say every 2 years - they both seem to be competing for stupidest person in the world. I don't know if it is the planetary alignment or what but they both seem to spiral out of control around the same time. One starts spinning and like 2 tops that hit eachother - they both whirl away in opposite but equally destructive paths. Now don't get me wrong - every one has hard times, unemployment, illness and the like. But I am talking about their specific idiotic choices that would be obvious to most that, "If I do this it will make my life alot more harder than it is already".

For this end of the year tournament of mental deficiency I am going to have to claim M. the winner. While E. gains double points for not learning from past experience, plus the other bonus points for details of the situation, M. has clearly beat him out. M. has decided to self-implode in every area of his life. From nearly getting fired from work to destroying his marriage, plus burning every bridge of those who have helped him M. has truly outshined E. in this battle of who will drive Mom to jump off a bridge first. The amazing thing is M.'s late entry into the compettition - only in the last 10 days - and yet he has beat E. out by 1000 points. M. gets triple points for his selfish and disturbing behavior because he was able to create all this turmoil within the course of a week!
That is going to be very tough to beat M.!

I guess I won't claim the competition over until after the holidays, there has got to be some other blow-up with all this family togetherness. Maybe a step-sister or two would like to enter (it has been quiet in that camp for awhile)? It is usually only a 2 person competition but I will make an exception because it is Christmas.

Just so we are clear:
E. has 250 points (50 bonus points for the WHO part)
M. has 1250 points (50 bonus points for doing this 3 days after closing on a house)
Points are scored as follows: 100 points for every stupid thing that brings the response "He did WHAT!? To WHO!?"

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Updated: Sunday, 21 December 2003 1:50 PM EST

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